Portmanteau essence of absence LP

LP, black

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After a long break from pop music, their new album "essence of absence" is the result of a long journey. It combines clear pop elements with bulky sound collages and is always one thing: abstract with a love of detail. The spectrum ranges from pieces such as "sleepy rebellion", a composition more reminiscent of electronica, to drifty instrumental hip-hop such as "Planet Seal", whose compelling groove immediately gets your head nodding.

Split across two vinyls, it also becomes clear that "essence of absence" is in a way also a concept album. While the "absence" LP features purely instrumental compositions, the "essence" LP is the result of collaborations with other artists who lend their voices to Portmanteau. Tracks such as "every little inch", which was created together with the Luxembourg musician Bartleby Delicate, combine two very different musical approaches so skillfully that one is willing to invent a new genre for it.

Deluxe double vinyl version of the latest album.
Wonderful cover artwork by Franziska Heiß 
300 pieces limited edition.
Pressed and printed in Germany by Duophonic


  1. Ginger Snaps
  2. Sleepy Rebellion
  3. Shrooms
  4. Prypjat
  5. Penderecki Amusement Park
  6. Planet Seal
  7. Osmosis
  8. Bandersnitch
  9. Beelzebug
  10. Yodayoga
  11. From Birdshit to Bullshit
  12. Prophecy Poem
  13. Cool Again (Portmanteau Rework)
  14. Time for Magic
  15. Periscoping
  16. This is the Place
  17. Burning Rivers (Portmanteau Rework)
  18. Insect Marriage
  19. Tree
  20. Suula
  21. Every Little Inch