Moritz Jahn Limited Edition Vinyl Bundle "Soliloquy & Rascals"

LP, black

39,00 EUR

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Moritz Jahn presents the 1 Million Special Vinyl Bundle! Dive into his world with a mixture of nostalgia and wanderlust with the exclusive collection of his two vinyl records, available together for 39€ incl. VAT plus shipping.

Vinyl 1: "Rascals

The EP's first vinyl, "Rascals," is a musical journey into the past that defies convention and explores the intersection of mischief and melody. With every note, Jahn invites listener:s into a world of sonic rebellion where raw emotion and unbridled creativity collide.

Vinyl 2: "Soliloquy"

Complementing the nostalgia of the first record, his debut album "Soliloquy" reveals an intimate glimpse into the musician's mind as the second Vinyl in this bundle.. In Jahn's version of a monologue, the singer opens up wide, allowing his audience to share in his extremely personal thoughts and stories.


Quantity (Qty): 1x LP
Release Date: 16.10.2020
Tracks: 6 Tracks

Vinyl Master Cue Sheet:

Side A 

A1. Blue Blue Moon - 3:04

A2. Boston II - 3:32

A3. Rascals - 4:18

Side B 

B1. Burning Rivers - 3:24

B2. Ghost - 3:34

B3. 2Nd Salt - 7:34

Size: 12”

Speed: 331/3 RPM

Vinyl Color: black


Quantity (Qty): 1x LP

Release Date: 01.04.2022

Tracks: 12 Tracks

Vinyl Master Cue Sheet:

Side A

A1. A Lion’s Heart (3:20)

A2. More Than You Can Chew (3:21)

A3. Napoli (2:52)

A4. Das letzte Hemd (3:13)

A5. Geile Jacke (3:29)

A6. Hamborger Veermaster (3:04)

Side B

B1. Off Your Chest (4:55)

B2. The Cows (3:29)

B3. Kanoa (4:04)

B4. Heimweh (2:22)

B5. Angst vorm Fliegen (3:49)

B6. Voices At Bay (4:29)

Size: 12”

Speed: 331/3 RPM

Vinyl Color: black