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Otto Normal Wieder Wir


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Already a modern classic. Hits like "In Flammen", "Jurassic Park" or "So Lange Her" with features by Chakuza or Lina Maly, for example, speak a clear language. After two years of intensive studio tinkering, the rehearsal room became a stage again in 2018, the pencil microphone and the urge to say: We are back!

01. Der ich bin
02. So lange her
03. Lang lebe die Liebe
04. In Flammen (feat. Lina Maly)
05. Jurrassic Park (feat. Chakuza)
06. Letzter Tanz
07. Wieder wir
08. True Romance
09. Alles wow
10. Alter Mann
11. Ich bin Meer
12. Schritt für Schritt (feat. Nico Suave)

(p) 2018 Jazzhaus Records